What happened at the 223rd General Assembly? Post-GA bulletin inserts (<250)




This product documents the 2018 General Assembly. For more recent bulletin inserts, please visit our store.

What happened at the 223rd General Assembly? 

What will they hear? Who will tell them?

Give your church members a fast, accurate and fair account of what happened at the General Assembly.  We explain how the assembly voted on the most significant issues – from new denominational leadership to the world’s concerns.

You can provide them with a summary of the news in a bulletin insert the day the assembly adjourns prepared by the award-winning Presbyterian Outlook news team.

Pre- and Post-GA bulletin inserts are now available.

Order Post-GA bulletin inserts:
Congregations less than 250 = $20
Congregations with membership of 250 or more = $30

Presbyteries are invited to order for all of their congregations for 1 cent per member. Call George Whipple to order: (800) 446-6008 ext. 756

Bulletins come in regular and large print versions. Color and black-and-white options will be provided.  Korean and Spanish translations are available upon request.