Time Out – Lent

Take time to pay attention in this chill and penitential season. Set aside some now-and-then for simply now, leave then for later,..

Follow the Star

The earth lies in cold dark stillness. The world is crying out, lost and unsure where to go and what direction to..

Power Alert

A modest little note, it was, on the side of the box at the foot of the tree. BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED! But..

 Advent — A poem

The darkness falls around me like a cozy comforter. Wait! says the voice of the divine to my soul. I light the..

Simplest Gifts

These thanks we give fit best with simplest things, the ordinary benisons we scarcely note as our times go fleeting past. This..


I. Two by two they walked       from the ends of the earth strung together like beads destined for the..

Passing Things

A generation goes, a generation comes, but the earth remains forever. Ecclesiastes 1:4 The sun rises against its will would choose the..


Beyond the fragrant lilies and hydrangeas crowding the chancel, beyond the festive Easter bonnets still occasionally scattered bright across the pews, beyond..

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