Take Me

Take my fervor, take my will. Make me silent, yielded, still; wounded, if these wounds may be windows to eternity. Take my..


Who would give birth to the god of death? Not brought forth in light, as if from clouds, but squeezed tightly into..

Late Tidings

After more than eighty of such purple seasons, you might think there would be nothing left to look toward, get ready for...

To Give Thanks…

is to remember how it feels to experience belonging, to look long around a laden table and be glad to claim a..


I called faith a gold-trimmed Gospel, a half-note suspension resolved in hymnic harmony, rehearsed prayers punctuated with perfect gasps and laughter, old..


  Nothing happens in this room. That is why we come. Pews have ceased to creak beneath their burden. Elders summing up..

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