Unveiling the invisible community: Welcoming people with disabilities into Christ’s church

90-minute webinar presented by Evelyn McMullen
Recorded May 23, 2017 

On-demand replay – $29.95 (1-6 participants from the same church/ministry)

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Has a family visited your church asking for their son with autism to be included in your children’s ministry? Is there a woman with Down syndrome who wants to sing in the choir? Do you see these families in your community, but aren’t sure how to truly make them feel welcome and supported? Do your church leaders and volunteers understand the needs – and the gifts – of people with varying intellectual abilities?

Jesus calls us to draw in people from the margins of our communities, but the attitudes in our congregations may communicate fear or pity rather than the welcome of true belonging. We have built ramps into our churches. Have we built inclusive relationships?

In this webinar we will talk about stages of changing attitudes. We will hear the story of a church making small changes that have made a big difference in the life of a family. We will see how making one church ministry more inclusive can become a gateway for people to experience the gospel. We will begin the conversation for you to continue that practice of invitation in your church and community.

Participants will be able to:

  • Discuss attitudes in congregations that may be barriers to relationships with people impacted by disability.
  • Explore adaptive practices in ministries of worship, learning, mission and fellowship.
  • Identify an existing church ministry that could be adapted to include people with developmental disabilities.
  • Use resources (in the community, online and in print) to help equip leaders and volunteers to include people of all abilities in congregational life.

Who will benefit from this webinar? Pastors, Christian education staff and volunteers and outreach committees

Evelyn Worth McMullen has more than 30 years of experience in Christian education ministry, with a special focus on reaching out to the special-needs community. She developed Bright Threads Ministries, an organization that shows churches how to weave people of all abilities into the fabric of congregational life.

On-demand replay – $29.95 (1-6 participants from the same church/ministry) – Click Here


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