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tel: 312-919-1306

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The Outlook has the greatest reach into the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). Who reads the Outlook?

  • Congregational leaders
  • Pastors of the largest churches
  • Pastors of all sizes of churches
  • Ruling Elders
  • Deacons
  • Christian  educators
  • Student/Youth group leaders
  • Music directors
  • Influential theologians
  • Seminary students
  • Presbytery and denominational leaders
  • Pilgrimage leaders
  • Camp directors
  • Conference and convention planners
  • Retreat directors
  • Volunteers
  • Publishers
  • Mission leaders
  • Pension and financial aid leaders
  • Book buyers

The mission of the Presbyterian Outlook is to provide the leadership of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) its most trusted source of accurate reporting, insightful analysis, thought-provoking editorials, and congregational resources.  We provide a comprehensive connecting point, forum and marketplace for the open exchange of ideas, resources and information, utilizing both print and electronic media.   

Outlook readers are:

  • Responsive Buyers
    • 92% rely on the Outlook for news and events sponsored by the PC (USA) agencies
    • 70% of the readers have responded to an ad promoting an event or a conference
  • Well Educated:
    • 97% are college educated
    • 85% have a graduate  degree
    • 57% hold a divinity degree
    • 74% are ordained ministers
  • High Income
    • 70% of the households have annual incomes of $60,000 or more
    • 62% spend $100 or more a year on adult continuing education programs and materials
    • 45% spend over $500 annually
    • 75% have religious education material budgets with ranges from $500 to $3500
    • 35% purchase materials that are distributed through the bulletin
    • At least 60% are in need of adult religious education materials
  • Technology Savvy:
    • 83% have email addresses
    • 65% spend one or more hours online each day
  • Big Readers:
    • The average reader subscribes to 4.2 magazines
    • 60% purchase 5 or more books annually
    • 24% purchase 15 or more books annually
    • 93% subscribe to newspapers
  • Value Education:
    • They recommend good liberal arts and theological divinity education programs
    • 85% of the church leaders participate in religious continuing education programs each year
  • Large Congregations:
    • Readers’ average congregation has over 500 members
  • Presbyterian Based:
    • 86% have either worked or presently work for a Presbyterian church