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Good Enough: 40ish Devotionals for a Life of Imperfection

Kate Bowler and Jessica Richie
Convergent, 272 pages

Fans of Kate Bowler will appreciate her trademark grace and humor in this clap back at the self-help culture. Bowler, best-selling author of No Cure for Being Human, joins Jessica Richie, the producer of her “Everything Happens” podcast, to offer a devotional that is as theologically sound as it is accessible.

These 40 devotions could be a welcome addition to your season of Lent; however, Bowler and Richie suggest that their entries are meant to be read while sipping the morning coffee or in the carpool line. In the spirit of Good Enough, I’ll be using this devotional throughout the year, picking up one a week (or so) when I need a good-natured reminder that I am enough.

Each entry includes a blessing or prayer, alongside a simple spiritual practice such as lectio divina, caring for a neighbor or even crafting. (Don’t worry if you don’t have the arts and craft gene — the goal is to turn trash into something laugh-out-loud funny.) The beauty of Good Enough is that, despite its title, its authors offer thoughtful and wise reflections, reminding us that we can remain firmly planted in the chaos of daily life, and still be rooted in God. Richie and Bowler offer gentle encouragement that – if we are willing to give up seeking perfection – we may just be open to true transformation.

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