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The Foundation for Reformed Theology merges with Theology Matters journal

The expanded board also elected Richard E. Burnett to be the executive director of the foundation.

Today, after a comprehensive strategic evaluation over the past year, the Board of the Foundation for Reformed Theology (the “Foundation”) announced the addition to our Board of ten new members from the ministry of Theology Matters, resulting in a union of the two Boards to collaborate on and enhance the mission of the Foundation. Additionally, Dr. Richard E. Burnett was elected to the position of Executive Director of the Foundation.

The Board is excited about both of these actions and believes this collaboration will enable the Foundation to continue to achieve the goals that Dr. John H. Leith originally envisioned for it, namely, to strengthen and enrich pastors in their work of preaching, teaching, and pastoral care by drawing on the theological resources of the Reformed faith.

The Board acknowledges with gratitude the leadership of Tom Currie for his work as the Interim Director of the Foundation for the past three years. His hard work, sacrificial service, devotion to the Reformed tradition, and email missives to our constituency have enabled the Foundation to move forward. We wish Tom and Peggy good health, happiness, and prosperity as they head into full retirement.

The Board welcomes Dr. Richard E. Burnett as our new Executive Director. Richard Burnett is a gifted teacher of Reformed theology, a proven leader in articulating the church’s faith, and a theologian committed to supporting and nourishing pastors in their work of ministry. His stewardship of the ministry of Theology Matters, and his convening of large numbers of pastors in conference settings make him a natural fit to lead this collaborative effort. Having served on the Board of the Foundation for Reformed Theology for seventeen years, he already has a very good understanding of its mission. He comments, “This is a great honor. I am deeply grateful for the Board of the Foundation and especially for Tom Currie and his leadership. I look forward to continuing to support the Foundation’s particular mission and will work to expand the scope of its work in the days to come. The mission of Theology Matters and the work of The Foundation for Reformed Theology have much in common and I believe this collaboration will strengthen both organizations in the future.”

The reconstituted Board will continue to pursue the goals of the Foundation as originally set forth by Dr. Leith, and in that respect its mission will remain unchanged. We look forward to continuing to support pastors who commit to meeting together to study theological texts of the Reformed faith as a means of strengthening their ministry. And further, we believe this uniting of efforts with Theology Matters will energize and expand the work of the Foundation in the future.

It is our hope to hold a conference in Montreat, North Carolina, in the future.