Stand with Ukraine: Church resources for worship, education and action

Presbyterian Mission Agency's "A Sowing of Peace in Ukraine" offers multi-generational resources for churches to deepen their connection with Ukrainians.

Borrowing language from Zecharaiah 8:12, “A sowing of peace in Ukraine” grew out of congregational requests to understand and engage with our siblings under siege in Ukraine. Even as other wars emerge and demand our attention, the war in Ukraine presses on. We hope these curated and adaptable multi-generational resources can be used to deepen our connection with Ukraine. This resource, provided by Presbyterian Mission Agency, will roll out in four installments over the next four months.

Today it feels helpful to mention that a focal point for this project is the adaptation of a dedicated peace candle in our congregations and homes. We hope this will bring a little light and understanding as we stand in solidarity with those who struggle for peace.

As we write in the introduction to the series, “In this set of resources, you will find worship resources including prayers, litanies and music. You will be invited to choose actions of advocacy and expressions of solidarity. You will learn using creative ideas around film, art, music, and food as well as traditional learning options. Together, let us sow the seeds for peace in Ukraine.”

The second resource, which will be released in the next month, will have a brief history of the war through the eyes of mission co-worker, Ellen Smith; a Godly play story of peacemaker Yuriy Lifanse, and a recipe for Ukranian pierogies with a family story.

Stay tuned by checking PMA’s “A sowing of peace in Ukraine” webpage. You can find the first resource here.

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