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Baking bread as a spiritual practice

A webinar that demonstrates how to bake bread and the spiritual invitation behind the practice.

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2-hour webinar with Q&A and live demonstration
April 4, 2023, at 7:00 p.m. EST
On-demand replay will be available

Join Outlook Editor/Publisher Teri McDowell Ott in a conversation with Kendall Vanderslice, a professional baker and practical theologian.

In this webinar, participants learn how to bake bread alongside Kendall. The resulting bread can be used at home or as communion. Participants learn how to mix up a batch of dough together, then Kendall walks everyone through the process of shaping and baking dough — they are able to complete this process with their own dough by the next morning.

During this demonstration, Teri and Kendall speak about the spirituality of baking specifically baking bread and Kendall answers questions.

Kendall, who founded Edible Theology, trained in baking and pastry at top restaurants and bakeries along the East Coast. Rushing from work to church each Sunday, she reflected on the connection between the dough that clung to her hands and wrists and the bread blessed and broken in communion. From God’s provision of manna in the wilderness to Jesus’ miraculous multiplication of loaves, bread functions throughout Scripture as a sign of God’s presence and provision. In this webinar, you will learn the ins-and-outs of bread baking, unlocking the spiritual parallels woven into each loaf and discovering how to meet God with your hands in dough.

Weaving baking science and technique together with theological reflection, Kendall will teach you how to incorporate bread-making into the rhythms of your busy life. Whether you are a lifelong baker or intimidated by the thought of yeast, you’ll step away from this course with a practical understanding of how to bake bread and a deep appreciation for the ways God can shape you in the process.

The webinar will be recorded for anyone who cannot attend live.

We published an excerpt from Kendall’s new book By Bread Alone: A Baker’s Reflections on Hunger, Longing, and the Goodness of God. Learn more about the spiritual invitation of bread here.

What do I get when I order?

When you order today, you will receive a recording of the webinar and a workbook. The workbook includes the recipe, liturgy, space for taking notes, as well as additional worksheets they might find useful. It also includes the materials people will need to have on hand for the workshop.

What is the price?

We ask that you pay $20 for individual viewing and $40 if the recording is going to be viewed by a group. If your group is larger than 25, please email for pricing.

How do I pay?

Based on the pricing structure outlined above, enter the appropriate amount in the “name your price” box when you check out. Thank you!

What do I need to bring to the workshop?

When you order, you will receive a workbook that outlines all of the ingredients and materials that you need to have on hand. To reiterate this information here, you will need either all-purpose or bread flour, whole wheat flour, kosher salt, instant yeast, and room-temperature water.

You can also just watch along and learn the process of baking bread while reflecting on baking as a spiritual practice with the group.

This webinar is one way that Presbyterian Outlook funds our ministry of being a prophetic, pastoral and independent publication focused on creating trustworthy resources and spaces for conversation. Thank you for your support.