March 2024


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The term “artificial intelligence” – AI – slid into our vernacular in the early 1950s. But what is it, other than the chatbot face that replaces a real person to ask if you need help with a shopping selection, or an editing program that tweaks writing? And what are the implications around faith? For Christians, there are speculations about AI replacing things like sermon writing, thoughtful exegesis or even pastoral care. In the grand scheme, generative artificial intelligence is still simply a tool, dependent on human insight and intuition, and as such, we get the opportunity to consider its implications for the kingdom of God. As we explore AI, inputting all our human data, the data reflected can clarify who we are and who we want to be. This issue of the Outlook explores some of the facets and questions about the faithful use of generative AI in ministry and the ways Christians can learn to live with a future that’s right here, right now.