Pre-GA226 bulletin inserts


Prepare your community to engage thoughtfully, prayerfully and proactively with the news coming to GA.

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Get ahead of the curve and keep your congregation in the loop for the upcoming 2024 General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

Climate change, gun violence, LGBTQIA+ inclusion, race relations, small church ministry, and the unification of key Presbyterian bodies: These are just a glimpse of the crucial topics up for discussion this summer at #GA226. And let’s not forget the pivotal nominations for a new stated clerk and new (co)moderators, setting the course for the denomination’s collective journey. GA 2024 promises to be a crucible of action and insight.

Ensure your congregation is equipped with the insights they need with our exclusive bulletin inserts. Crafted by Outlook’s seasoned, award-winning reporting team, these inserts will deliver fast, accurate, and fair reporting straight to your inbox. As an independent magazine, our commitment to unbiased journalism ensures that your community will receive the news without angles.

Empower your congregation with knowledge. Prepare them to engage thoughtfully, prayerfully and proactively with the decisions and discussions shaping Presbyterian identity for years to come.

Pre-order your bulletin inserts today.

How do I pre-order?

You can pre-order just the pre-GA bulletin insert for $30. Pre-order today on this webpage!

You can pre-order just the post-GA bulletin insert for $30. Pre-order today!

Or, you can pre-order both the pre- and post-GA bulletin inserts for a combined, discounted price of $50. Pre-order today!

What do I get when I pre-order?

On June 7, your pre-GA bulletin insert will be emailed to you in a zip file that contains an English version.

All versions will be in full color and easy to read. They will be ready to email to your congregation and/or print and insert into your Sunday bulletin.

Spanish and Korean versions will be provided upon request for both pre- and post-GA bulletins. To request Spanish and Korean versions, please email You must first purchase the English version to access the translated versions.

When will I get the bulletin inserts?

We will publish two bulletin inserts: one that covers all the news you need to know going into GA and a second that succinctly covers the top news after GA wraps up.

This order page only orders the pre-GA bulletin. We will email out the pre-GA bulletin insert to all pre-orders on June 7.

Pre-order both the pre-GA and post-GA bulletin inserts today!


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