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The Dancers of Riverside Park

By Peggy Shriver
WJKP. 2001. 112 pp. Pb. $14.95.
ISBN 0664223338

Reviewed by Jane C. Perdue
of Canyon Lake, Texas

Through her book of poems, The Dancers of Riverside Park, Peggy Shriver travels with her eyes wide open. Whether riding the subway in New York City or viewing the tomb of Lenin in Russia, her antenna is out to sense the moment.

Her faith responds to the world with compassion, humor and sometimes outrage. The collection is eclectic, including a variety of poetic styles and subjects. Some have been written upon request to commemorate an event or honor an individual, but most are responses to events in her own life.

The poems are simple in nature but sophisticated in content. In her dedication, Shriver expresses the hope that her book will “fall into the hands of people who crave the nourishment of poetic imagination.”

A wise woman (my mother) once said to me, “Anyone can cook with exotic ingredients. The excellent cook can make an unforgettable meal out of everyday fare.” Peggy Shriver has proven a corollary in creating her poetry. She writes of everyday experiences with clarity and a poet’s passion. And we are satisfied with the outcome.

This collection will appeal to all readers who wish to feed their spirit and nourish their own awareness of the world.