GA NEWS: Presbyterian Writers Guild honors Marj Carpenter and Mary Frances Bennett; remembers Vic Jameson

“Glorious words we all have written, members of the Writer’s Guild,” sang those gathered today (June 26) at The Presbyterian Writers Guild 30th Annual Luncheon in San Jose, singing “The Presbyterian Writers Guild Hymn”, written by Vic Jameson. Jerry Van Marter, writers guild vice president shared words in memory of the late Jameson, asserting that singing the hymn was a very appropriate method of tribute.

Mary Frances Bennett received the Angell Award, given in honor of Jim Angell, writer, pastor, and lover of the church. Bennett’s historical novel, Invitation to Cat Spring: From European Tyranny to Freedom to Civil War, tells the story of the contributions early Moravian immigrants have made to the United States.

The guild also honored Marj Carpenter as the 2007-2008 David Steele Distinguished Writer Award. This award is given at each General Assembly to honor the “cumulative work and influence of a Presbyterian writer.”

“I know you’re not supposed to covet,” said Marj Carpenter upon receiving the award, “but I’ve always coveted this one.” Carpenter has won more than 150 writing awards.

When she first proposed the idea of covering mission, the church said she had been hired to cover meetings. “I’ve written up a lot of meetings,” said Carpenter, “but I was going to say what we’ve done in the world.” Since that time she has visited more than 600 mission stations in 130 countries.

“I like to write so much that I actually feel sorry for people that never get to write,” admitted Carpenter. She concluded her remarks by quoting Vic Jameson, who she considered a brother. “Vic said to me, ‘I have to write. I write because I have to.’ I’m going to end by saying yes. Yes, Vic. Me too.”


 Caption: Marj Carpenter and Jerry Van Marter