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Church Elders and Deacons Fully Equipped

Greetings Outlook reader!
Are your church's elders and deacons fully equipped to fulfill the duties of their office? 
Have they become dynamic to the point of being dangerous for God?
Would you like to help unleash their gifts for Christian service? ...and unleash the great potential God has invested into your church?

The newest edition of The Presbyterian Outlook offers nearly a dozen articles on different aspects of church officers’ work, in the hope of equipping your church officers to discern God’s will, to reach out in mission, to glorify God in worship, and to express Christian empathy to all. 
Wouldn’t it be wonderful for your church officers to gain such help?
You can make that happen.  You can give them a gift copy of the special “Dangerous Elders, Dynamic Deacons” edition of the Outlook at a quantity discount – while supplies last.  God has gifted them for ministry.  Now it’s your chance to gift them for greater effectiveness.
Bless you…and your church!
Jack Haberer
The Presbyterian Outlook

 Can you think of others who might benefit from these articles…

in your presbytery?
in your church?
on your session?

Anticipating these needs, the Outlook had printed extra copies of this issue so they can be ordered individually or in bulk.
1-2 -$3 each*
3-9 -$2.50 each*
10-49 -$2.20 each*
50-99 -$2.10 each*
100+ -$2.00 each*

* Plus postage, which has to be computed upon order depending on number of copies and location of shipping.

To order – call Gillian Kunkel at 1-800-446-6008; email order to or fax us your order 1-804-353-6369

We can accept Visa or MasterCard or will be happy to bill you.