UPDATED- GA 2010: New Web site featured in opening session of General Assembly

MINNEAPOLIS — “We pray for living waters, for all we left behind and all we need to do today and in the days to come,” prayed the Rev. Alika Galloway of the Kwanzaa Community Church here, as she led commissioners and observers in worship to open the meeting of the 219th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) yesterday (July 3).

Included in the afternoon’s business was the launch of the new PC(USA) web site, introduced by General Assembly Mission Council Executive Director Linda Valentine. “Say good-bye to those vertical blue bars down the sides of your screen and say hello to a new tool for all Presbyterians to use for building up mission and ministry networks, accessing resources and information…inspiring women and men to join the cause of Christ in our world. It is completely retooled and designed to better serve the church in mission,” she reported.

Included in this extensive web site retooling is the Invitation to the Word, a way to grow spiritually through an active relationship with Scripture, prayer, study. The Invitation to the Word was featured in a video during Valentine’s presentation.

Also included in the afternoon’s business were reports from then-moderator, Bruce Reyes-Chow and then-vice moderator, Byron Anthony Wade, commonly known as “the Mod Squad.” They reported on their two years of service, told of their rich experiences and travels and thanked the assembly for the opportunity.

Wade’s single favorite experience from this time was getting to know the Young Adult Delegates (YADs) at their orientation at Ghost Ranch.

Other business dealt with financial stewardship, budgets, and a reminder, offered by chief financial officer, Joey Bailey, that decisions of the assembly have financial impacts on these budgets.

Finally, the commissioners and advisory delegates received instructions on using the voting keypads.

They concluded this session by ratifying the assembly committee structure, making the business of the assembly official and ready for the work to come.