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Sabbath-Keeping for Church Leaders and Other Busy People (presented by MaryAnn McKibben Dana)

A 90-Minute Presbyterian Outlook webinar

featuring MaryAnn McKibben Dana


Tuesday, April 30 at 2:00 pm ET

Pastors and church leaders are in a bind. We feel the stress of ever-escalating activities and expectations in our 24-7 world. The need for rest, renewal and Sabbath is as strong as it’s ever been. The people we serve feel it too. Yet we count on them to teach the Sunday School, serve on session, sing in the choir and sort canned goods for the food bank. How can we preach, model and nurture Sabbath more faithfully amid our culture of perpetual motion?

As a result of this webinar, church leaders will:

  • understand the complex biblical and theological underpinnings of the practice of Sabbath,
  • receive tools for communicating its importance to congregations
  • gain strategies and approaches for introducing and supporting regular Sabbath-keeping in the congregations they serve

MaryAnn McKibben Dana explored this topic in depth in her recent book Sabbath in the Suburbs: A Family’s Experiment with Holy Time.

Read the Presbyterian Outlook Book review.

sabbath-in-suburbs.pngPublishers Weekly said:


Dana, a Presbyterian pastor, brings a fresh voice and energy to the familiar topic of time management as understood by people who would describe themselves as either religious or spiritual but not religious: Sabbath-keeping. She writes from a perspective that many can relate to, that of a suburban mother of three who works part-time. Bringing the gift of self-awareness and irony, Dana notes that a four-minute difference in school bus rides ought not to prompt a letter-writing campaign from anxious parents. She also brings theological awareness of the historical practice and meaning of Sabbath-keeping. Dana writes in a distinct voice about making a traditional religious practice meaningful to contemporary families.

MaryAnn McKibben Dana is pastor of Idylwood Presbyterian Church, a small and growing congregation in Falls Church, VA. She is also the author of numerous articles and essays, including three years as columnist for Presbyterians Today. She is a frequent speaker and workshop leader around issues of congregational transformation and faith development. Connect with her on her blug The Blue Room at


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