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Unsettling Leaders: Why Would We Follow?

For years, we have participated in conversations about leadership—a desire for better leaders, more entrepreneurial leaders, adaptive leaders.

Too often, our conversations have espoused cultural values about leadership and have forgotten the identity of Christian leaders as disciples of Jesus, as people who first are followers.

This webinar will offer new perspectives on leadership that is grounded in discipleship.  To understand ourselves as followers will deepen our awareness of the critical role we play between other followers and the One who calls and leads us all.

In this webinar you will:

  • Identify misconceptions that arise in relation to leadership in general and adaptive leadership in particular;
  • Examine difficulties that emerge in focusing excessively on the personal traits of leaders;
  • Explore emphases on following as the heart of faith, discipleship, and leadership;
  • Consider dynamics of attachment that shape people’s capacities to follow those who aspire to lead them;
  • Envision and begin new conversations that highlight the critical role of followers in relation to leaders.

Ken McFaydenKen McFayden serves as Dean of the Leadership Institute and Professor of Ministry and Leadership Development at Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond, Virginia.  He is the author of “Strategic Leadership for a Change: Facing Our Losses, Finding Our Future” and was a contributor to the PC(USA)’s Being Reformed curriculum on Transformational Leaders.

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This webinar was recorded on May 20, 2014.