Calendar Check – July 2015

July 2-5 Hunt, Texas Multicultural Youth Conference Mo-Ranch.

July 12-18 Gambier, Ohio Beyond Walls featuring Kevin Eckstrom, Tom Ehrich. Kenyon College.

July 17–19 Harrisonburg, Va. Presbyterian Men Conference featuring Richard Pringle, Patrick Heery, Chip Andrus. Massanetta Springs.

July 20–24 Spokane, Wash. Whitworth Institute of Ministry featuring Walter Brueggemann, Andy Crouch, Anne Zaki. Whitworth University.

July 30–August 2 Zephryr Cove, Nev. Summer Sing featuring Allan Petker, Brett Robison, Jennaya Robison. Zephyr Point.

July 30–August 1 Knoxville, Tenn. Big Tent. University of Tennessee Campus.