No More “Church as Usual” – Inviting God to Do a New Thing (or Two)

A 90-minute presentation by Nate Phillips
Recorded February 14, 2017

On-demand replay – $29.95 (1-6 participants)

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The mainline church has a morale problem. Nate Phillips, author of “Do Something Else,” will guide a discussion on where churches can look for encouragement. This webinar will encourage faith communities and their leaders to reconsider “church as usual,” reengage Spirit-led entrepreneurialism and reimagine new models of ministry bubbling up in your midst. Many churches and leaders are already setting the pace. They are establishing new gatherings in old buildings and using new buildings to do old things. They are emphasizing diversity, welcome, and friendship. If these stories are hidden from view, they shouldn’t be.

Through this webinar, we will

  • Uncover how these new expressions got started,
  • How they are led,
  • How they struggle, and
  • How they are sustained.

Who should attend?
This webinar will encourage candidates for ministry who see limited options, ministers who wonder about staying in ministry,  call-seekers trying to find hope in a desolate career landscape and churches attempting to manage staffs with limited resources. It will also offer permission to small churches resigned to be “without a pastor,” larger churches looking to do a new thing in an unorthodox way and middle governing bodies who need promising examples of working models in order to take the risk on new opportunities.

Meet the presenter
serves as co-pastor at Red Clay Creek Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, Delaware. He is the creator of FIRST (Freeing the Imagination of the Recently Seminary Trained), a mechanism for new types of evangelism and church starts in the PC(USA).

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If you have a group larger than 6, please contact Jana Blazek for group pricing.

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