Podcast review: “This is Love”

“This is Love”
Host: Phoebe Judge
Vox Media Podcast Network

The tagline for Phoebe Judge’s podcast, “This is Love” is, “Love is more than you think.” Are you hooked yet? While she never defines it, Judge shares phenomenal stories of people describing love in and through their work, relationships, and encounters. One “must listen” includes a swimmer who experiences love in an encounter with a whale.

Here’s my invitation — don’t listen to this podcast and simply marvel at how good it makes you feel about love. Listen to it and wrestle with what love is (and isn’t) in connection to our faith, experiences, and Scripture. As a Presbyterian pastor, I use the word love frequently and in connection with a myriad of people, ideas, Scriptures, and, most importantly, in reference to the Triune God — God is love. But what does that mean? And how does it apply to our lives of faith? These are the questions this podcast engenders and ones I sense we need to entertain as leaders in our churches. People are desperate for genuine love and, truthfully, the church has a language to provide people access to God and God’s love. But, still, sometimes we need an invitation to talk about love. Consider this podcast one.