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Podcast review: “FUQ”

A podcast exploring all the "Frequently Unasked Questions" of faith. Three self-identified minoritized women in ministry share their opinions on faith, life and formation.

Host: Erin Sanzero, Yena Hwang and Tempest Strunge

Erin Sanzero, Yena Hwang, Tempest Strunge, and Shani McIlWain.

I recently met at table with the hosts of the podcast FUQ. Yes, you said it correctly. FUQ stands for Frequently Unasked Questions. If you can get past the phonetic sound of the acronym, co-host Erin Sanzero explains that phuoc in Vietnamese, which produces the same sound as “FUQ,” means “blessing.” Alongside Sanzero, Yena Hwang and Tempest Strunge, FUQ.  pushes the boundaries of conversations in healthy and faithful ways. What began as a fleeting idea in Hwang’s office during her last pastoral call – and realizing the three self-identified, marginalized and minoritized women were all getting asked hard questions by confirmands – they decided their dialogue would help others. There is a sense of invitation and welcome in their presence that is undeniable. About ten minutes into our chat, I felt comfortable asking my unasked question: In the Apostle’s Creed, why does Jesus descend to hell? No one shied away from the question, and it became a beautiful discussion on how we define hell. It also made us question how and why we accept certain beliefs. With other episodes titled “Mama God — How can I talk about Her with my kiddos?” and “Why didn’t Jesus come as a woman?”, FUQ.  is a podcast to add to your rotation. For more information, visit