Walking the Way of Harriet Tubman

Spiritual director Therese Taylor-Stinson calls readers to be "public mystics" in her new book focusing on Harriet Tubman's story and spirituality.

Therese Taylor-Stinson
Broadleaf Books, 172 pages | Published February 14, 2023

If you’ve heard harrowing Harriet Tubman tales in childhood, seen the eponymous film, or learned her story from epic biographies, you may not be immediately drawn to another book bearing her name. Walking the Way of Harriet Tubman, however, breaks new ground; it draws on Tubman’s story and spirituality to teach us to experience God more deeply, inspiring our activism and work for justice.

Spiritual director Therese Taylor-Stinson’s guide is short and spiritual, focusing on places in Tubman’s life where a mystical connection with God showed her how to elude slave catchers. Tubman suffered from narcolepsy, the result of a childhood brain injury; it’s believed that this contributed to dreams and visions in which God communicated safe paths to freedom.

Taylor-Stinson weaves together these stories with poetry, prayer and encouragement ranging from the Desert Mothers and Fathers to Howard Thurman and Indigenous religions. She then leads us organically into practices to help us tap into our own mystic abilities and achieve spiritual and emotional freedom. Practical as well as inspiring, these disciplines invite contemplation, nature exploration, singing and dreaming. What really brings it home is Taylor-Stinson’s call to be “public mystics,” as we use God-given revelations to work toward justice. Her invitational approach makes Walking the Way an ideal primer to introduce new concepts, as well as a deeper dive for those seeking to better connect their faith and activism.

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