Psalms of Wonder: Poems from the Book of Songs

Carey Wallace and Khoa Le create a book that is a gift for early elementary-age children and adults alike, writes Amy Pagliarella.

Carey Wallace and Khoa Le
Flyaway Books, 64 pages | Published October 3, 2023

“A psalm is a song that we sing to God.” Carey Wallace opens her gorgeous picture book with this simple explanation, inviting children and their grown-ups to experience the psalms as conversations with God, in which nothing is off-limits, even our saddest and angriest thoughts.

Khoa Le’s illustrations evoke the awe and wonder that the psalms promise. Bold colors drip from the pages, creation is revealed in all its glory, and diverse images of humanity remind children that the psalmist speaks for them, too. By arranging the psalms topically (wonder, courage, comfort, love, etc.) rather than chronologically, the authors provide a resource adults can reach for based on what children need. Although the language is appropriate for early elementary-age children, these poems are also a gift to the adults who read them aloud.

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