Everything Good about God Is True: Choosing Faith

"It’s an excellent resource for individuals or groups who may have been wounded by a religious community, or for wandering, wondering folk who may know nothing about Christian faith…" — Lucy Forster-Smith

Bruce Reyes-Chow
Broadleaf Books, 198 pages, Published March 5, 2024

At a time when Christian faith is subject to great scrutiny, Bruce Reyes-Chow’s voice is a welcome one, providing a treasure trove of insights for anyone who wants to claim, question, awaken or wonder about the meaning of life and the claims of Christian faith. In response to the blaring voices of the religious right and Christian nationalism, Everything Good about God Is True offers a thoughtful, life-affirming, generous counter-narrative. And, even more compelling, it seeks out the reader’s perspectives in a conversational and invitational way.

A third-generation Filipino-Chinese American, ordained Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) pastor and former moderator, Reyes-Chow brings his whole self to this “accessible primer on the Christian faith.” Using language to awaken connections with God as Creator, the Holy Spirit and Jesus and then drawing the reader into the life of Christian faith through the “good news and us,” Reyes-Chow proverbially sings the Lord’s song in a foreign land!

Especially compelling is the personal narrative that launches each themed chapter.  His unabashed candor about life as a parent, spouse, religious leader and pilgrim on faith’s way gives life to his theology. From stories about marriage, his child who “got kicked out of preschool,” a seminary preaching course that brought him to his knees, and stories of failure and rebirth in congregational life, readers cannot help but want to hear more, see more and know more about the faith that harbors hope in this person.

After launching each chapter with a personal story, Reyes-Chow offers a powerful question that arises from what he calls his “faith montage” (a collection of stories, prayers, poems, teachings). This fresh way into the language of God, Jesus, Spirit and community offers glimpses of his faith in God and creates a kind of workbook — a memoir/theology text/statement of faith for those ready to consider (or reconsider) Christian faith in the 21st century. It’s an excellent resource for individuals or groups who may have been wounded by a religious community, or for wandering, wondering folk who may know nothing about Christian faith (yes, there are many of those around) yet are ready to dip a toe in the wide waters of faith.

At times, the book waxes eloquently to the point of losing the reader’s attention. Some of the montage language, though lovely, distracts from the author’s descriptions of complex theological concepts such as biblical inspiration or evangelism. Despite this, the author’s eager reflections provide entry points for readers to tackle the vast questions that are so important at this time in history.

Everything Good about God Is True is a worthy resource for any individual or group that is ready for an encounter with the life-giving, generative, joy-infused Christian faith — and that does not shrink back from tough questions and worthy hope. From the opening pages, Reyes-Chow meets us with kindness and care. And in the end, he points the way toward the next horizon that draws us onward.

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