2021 Advent devotions: Night Watch (Year C)



Night Watch: Devotions for the congregation

Are you looking for theologically sound, inspiring and affordable Advent devotions for the congregation?

The Presbyterian Outlook is once again offering accessible and inspiring daily devotions for Advent written by editor Teri McDowell Ott.

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About these devotions:

Hope is hard to find during a long pandemic. Dark feelings of grief, loss, anger, betrayal and despair plague our souls and our communities. As the light fades and the evenings grow long this December, the season of Advent reminds us that God is with us in the night.

We can see and observe God at work in the dark, marvel at the beauty of creation lit by moon and stars, and rest from the day’s labor. Darkness is often associated with evil and suffering, but a devotional exploration of “night” bears witness to Christ’s Good News. Exploring biblical happenings that occur at night – visions, angel visits, prisoners set free – we will move through this Advent season as watchful disciples, keeping vigil for the One who is promised to arrive like a thief in the night.

How do they come?

The devotions are available as a downloadable set of weekly PDFs.  They are ready to be emailed to the congregation.  Or, you can print as many you need.  You will receive color and black-and-white versions of both full-page devotions and half-page bulletin inserts. Written by Outlook editor Teri McDowell Ott, each week includes a reflection, daily Scripture readings and a short prayer for each day. We hope these devotions enhance your Advent preparations as you get ready for the coming of Jesus Christ.

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