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Creator of the Stars of Night: An Advent Candle Liturgy


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Mark the liturgical season of Advent and elevate your church services with our specially crafted “Creator of the Stars of Night Advent Candle Liturgy” authored by Rev. Carol Holbrook Prickett.

Loosely crafted around the hymn “Creator of the Stars of Night” (Glory to God #84), this liturgy is designed to illuminate the spiritual significance of Advent by leaning into its rhythms. Our booklet contains material for the four Sundays of Advent and Christmas Day focusing on the themes of hope, peace, joy, love and Christ.

Why choose our Advent candle liturgy?

  1. Thoughtful structure: Our liturgy is carefully structured to follow the themes of Hope, Peace, Joy, Love and Christ — capturing the essence of each Advent week. Its easy flow creates a cohesive worship experience.
  2. Scripture-based reflections: Immerse your congregation in the rich teachings of Scripture. Thought-provoking readings and reflections will deepen their understanding of the season and foster a sense of unity in worship.
  3. Inclusive participation: Encourage active participation among your congregation by involving different members in the candle-lighting ceremony.
  4. Customizable for your community: While our liturgy provides a solid foundation, it is also designed to be adaptable to the unique needs and traditions of your church community. Tailor it to resonate with your congregation’s spiritual journey.
  5. Enhanced worship experience: Elevate your church services with the visual and symbolic impact of the Advent wreath. The candle-lighting ceremony becomes a focal point, an embodied way of waiting for Christ.

There are many ways you can incorporate our Advent candle liturgy into the life of your church and your community. You can use it in weekly worship to build anticipation for the celebration of Christ’s birth or at special seasonal events like concerts, pageants or community gatherings. You can adapt the liturgy for youth and family services to engage all age groups or use it during virtual services so that members of your congregation can participate from home.

Illuminate the path to Christmas with “Creator of the Stars of Night Advent Candle Liturgy” authored by Rev. Carol Holbrook Prickett.

About the author: Rev. Carol Holbrook Prickett joyfully serves the people of Crescent Springs Presbyterian Church in Northern Kentucky, who have graciously welcomed her love of chocolate, her stole collection, and her husband Erron. Carol creates fresh resources for worship at