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Fresh Outlook Bible Studies: “What’s Your Superpower”


Fresh takes on enduring questions of faith for Gen-Z and Millennials.


We live in a world where it is easy to be overwhelmed by evil systems and actions. Yet, we have great God-given power. These four sessions explore the power granted to us through God in the Holy Spirit and how these gifts can translate to making a difference in our day-to-day lives. As it has been said, with great power comes great responsibility.


 “Young people yearn for real conversations, strong bible study and relevant faith practicesFresh Outlook Bible Studies does just that, essential for our faith formation in the church.”

— Michelle Thomas-Bush, associate pastor for youth and their families at Myers Park Presbyterian Church

“Every once in a while, something comes along that I can use immediately and completely. The units in the Fresh Outlook spring 2024 series fall into this category; they are superbly written, highly engaging, easy to use, and deep.

Yes, these units would make spring planning a breeze for your youth and young adult faith formation time. They are excellent. But don’t silo them just to your traditional Sunday School hour! These would be a wonderful choice to use in midweek enrichment classes … Imagine the power of a weekend-long family retreat using one of these units. … I’d also love to see church councils spend time with these lessons. Working together through some of the issues that matter most to our youth and young adults, learning new resources for these types of conversations, and acquiring knowledge to help make ministry decisions would all be invaluable. Get these. You won’t regret it.

— Elizabeth Christie, Practical Resources for Churches resource center

“When you are in ministry with college students, you can spend hours looking for a good curriculum you can use for Bible study. Is the topic interesting? How much time will you have to spend editing it to work in your own context — and do you have that time? Do you have the materials you will need? Can you hand it to a student leader?

Look no further because the Fresh Outlook Bible Studies curriculum is here! Published by the Presbyterian Outlook, they are resources that can be trusted to combine an awareness of the spiritual lives of young adults with theological and biblical integrity. I highly recommend these easy-to-use resources.”

— Gini Norris-Lane, executive director of UKirk Campus Ministries in the Presbyterian Mission Agency


“What’s Your Superpower” includes four sessions:

Session 1: Dominion Is Your Superpower
Session 2: Koinonia Is Your Superpower
Session 3: Paradox Is Your Superpower
Session 4: The Spirit Is Your Superpower

Each Fresh Outlook Bible Study includes four sessions. Each session offers the facilitators:

  • Tips for preparation
  • A supply list
  • Suggestions for opening and closing prayers
  • An introduction to the topic at hand and how Christians have understood it
  • Opportunities to “try on” aspects of the topic
  • Key takeaways
  • Suggestions for inviting participants as co-leaders

What do I get when I purchase?

When you purchase “What’s Your Superpower,” you will receive an email today including the material as a digital download.

I want to learn more before I commit…

Learn about the thought process behind Fresh Outlook by watching our Facebook Live conversation with the spring 2024 Fresh Outlook authors: Maggie Alsup, Catherine Knott and Sarah Leer. This conversation demonstrates our goals for the curriculum, the topics we hope to address, and how some of the ideas can be applied. It is a great conversation to listen to if you want to know more about Fresh Outlook. It is also a helpful resource to share with any parents or other stakeholders.

Want a discount?

Like what you see here? You can purchase “What’s Your Superpower” along with “God in the Mirror” and “Sex and the Bible,” to complete your collection of Fresh Outlook Bible Studies: Spring 2024 at a discounted price of $60 — saving $25. Order your bundle here.


Want a sample? You can view one here.

More Fresh Outlook

Did you know that Fresh Outlook Bible Studies is a limited series from the Outlook? Our previous bundle, released in June 2023, explored the topics of badass women in the Bible, the devil, and spiritual practices.

We plan to release another bundle in June 2024. Developed from real questions asked by young adults, such as campus ministry groups, young adult groups, and high school youth, we hope this offering makes planning for high school, college, and young adult ministries easy and fruitful.

About the author

Sarah Leer (she/her/hers) is a practical theologian, educator and presby nerd who is living into her call to deconstruct systems and disrupt the status quo in order to seek liberation, justice and belonging in solidarity with those living on the margins. Sarah enjoys singing Broadway songs in her car, geeking out over pop culture, traveling, family, board games, SEC football, and attending youth conferences that include energizers.