Responses to ‘Reconsidering Definitive Guidance’

A. J. McKelway, a retired Davidson College professor of religion, wrote a guest viewpoint, "Reconsidering 'Definitive Guidance,'" which was published in the Nov. 6, 2000, issue of The Outlook.

In that article, McKelway wrote that the church cannot approve of homosexuality, but should return to the position of ordaining into the ministry "homosexuals who do not insist upon that approval."

To accomplish this, he recommended that the PC(USA) revisit the 1978 Definitive Guidance from the General Assembly regarding the church’s policy toward ordaining “persons who openly acknowledge homosexual orientation and practice.”

In response to McKelway’s article, The Outlook invited five Presbyterians from various points of view to respond and has given McKelway an opportunity to answer their responses at the end of this forum.

Jerry Andrew’s response

Cynthia Jarvis’ response

Harold Porter’s response

O Benjamin Sparks’s response

Laird Stuart’s response

A. J. McKelway’s reply to the responses