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Covenant Network responds to defeat of Amendment A

With unofficial results showing that a majority of presbyteries have
rejected proposed Amendment 01-A, the Covenant Network of Presbyterians
released the following statement:

The Covenant Network of Presbyterians acknowledges with regret the defeat of
Amendment 01-A by a majority of presbyteries in the Presbyterian Church
(U.S.A.). We continue to believe that the clear witness of Scripture is of the
ever-expanding reach of God’s reign and the ever-widening embrace of God’s

Our congregations will continue to extend the welcome of Jesus Christ to all
who trust in him as their Savior and wish to share in the mission and
ministry of his church. We grieve with all who are excluded by the policy
of the church, and we are saddened by the waste of gifts from which the
church will not benefit.

We invite Presbyterians to join together in the coming weeks in worship
services of hope and healing, trusting that the God who called the church
into being and who gives every good gift will help bring peace to our church
and our hearts. With all Presbyterians, we shall continue to seek the will
of the One whose service is perfect freedom.

We are grieved by the strains which the recent debates have caused in some
quarters. We pledge to work actively to build bonds of trust and fellowship
within our presbyteries, acknowledging our church’s need for the renewed
commitment of Presbyterians from across the theological spectrum, together
serving our one Lord. We will actively seek opportunities for dialogue
among sessions and clergy colleagues, hoping to grow in our mutual
understanding and our mutual dedication to Christ’s church.

Although the amendment has failed, we note that 43 percent of ministers and elders
voting in presbyteries thus far have voted for it. We are grateful for the
tireless efforts of colleagues in every presbytery who envision a more open
church. Despite this vote, the issues involved have not gone away. We
continue to believe that the amendment offered the most faithful way for
Presbyterians to serve together, while respecting the conscientiously held
convictions of each. We trust that the failure of the amendment will not
lead to attempts to enforce a particular point of view on all Presbyterians.
Even as we continue to pray and work for the eventual removal of G-6.0106b,
we renew our commitment to the church in which we are privileged to serve.
Our congregations will, of course, continue fully to support the mission and
ministry of the PC(USA).

The Covenant Network of Presbyterians has attempted, in this effort as in
all other aspects of our ministry, to find and follow our Lord’s will; we
know that is also true of Presbyterians who opposed the amendment. As we
look at the long history of the church and the bright promises of the
Gospel, we are content to rely on the counsel of Gamaliel (Acts 5: 38-39):
“If this undertaking is of human origin, it will fail; but if it is of God,
you will not be able to overthrow them.”

We pray that the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) will continue its vibrant and
critical witness to a world in need of Good News, and we engage ourselves
and our congregations fully and joyfully in that task.

The Executive Committee of the Covenant Network of Presbyterians