GA NEWS: Commitment to Peacemaking unanimously approved by Peacemaking and International Issues Committee

Overture 11-19, Commitment to Peacemaking was unanimously approved today (June 23) by the Committee on Peacemaking and International Issues.

It seeks to commend those sessions, presbyteries, synods, and other entities that have adopted the “Commitment to Peacemaking” as well as urge presbyteries to find ways to share and celebrate the experiences of congregations where sessions have adopted and implemented the “Commitment to Peacemaking.” 

The “Commitment to Peacemaking” has been adopted by the sessions of more than half of the congregations in 64 presbyteries and six synods. This commitment helps Presbyterians as they seek to advocate for peace and nonviolence. As of February 5, 2008, 4,514 congregations had made this commitment.

The “Commitment to Peacemaking” was introduced to the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) in 1983. It says in part that “Christ calls all who profess faith in him to share the gospel message of peace to a broken and insecure world. Responding to this gracious gift, the church, as the body of Christ, is called to join with others to go into the world to build a culture of peace and nonviolence for all God’s creation.”

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