GA NEWS: General Assembly asks Presbyterians to skip a meal

SAN JOSE – An amendment to a resolution on homelessness adopted by the 218th General Assembly on Friday asks PC(USA) members to forgo one meal per week “as an act of worship and humility.”

The amendment requests that the value of the skipped meal be pledged to feeding those in need in a manner of the donor’s choice. 

Youth Advisory Delegate Clara Sanders from the Indian Nations Presbytery challenged the assembly, who she pointed out had eaten well all week, to this simple act of concern.

Kirianne Weaver, minister commissioner from the Albany Presbytery, questioned whether or not it was realistic for all members of the PC(USA) to become informed about this request. 

With 2.3 million members in the denomination and an approximate cost of $10 per meal once a week, over the course of the next two years until the 219th General Assembly in Minneapolis, the combined members of the PC(USA) could provide approximately $2.39 billion toward feeding those in need.

Even if it is realistic for all members of the PC(USA) to know about this request, is it realistic to expect them, us, to act on it? Is this just one more resolution that is made and then forgotten?  Could this be one fairly simple, very practical, manifestation of doing justice, loving mercy, and walking humbly with our God?