GA News: Nominating committee no news …almost

The General Assembly Nominating Committee (GANC) report took about an hour to generate zero news, until it finally made one little ripple just before finishing today (June 26).

            The commissioners approved in one omnibus motion scores of uncontested nominations for people to serve on the committees and commissions of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). However, 10 names were placed in nomination to challenge particular nominees.

            In the first seven cases, challengers were offered to replace nominees to the Advisory Committee on the Constitution (1), the General Assembly Permanent Judicial Commission (3) and the Presbyterian Foundation (3).n After a three-minute speech was allowed to promote each challenger, and then a three-minute speech in favor of each of the GANC’s nominees being contested, all the challenges failed.

            Then Katherine Purves, from Pittsburgh Presbytery, was offered as a challenger to William E. King, from Beaver-Butler Presbytery, to serve on the General Assembly Nominating Committee itself. She prevailed by a vote of 359 to 315, supported at least in part by the fact that her nominator reported that five of the six ministers now serving on the GANC are men.

            Two more challengers were offered for membership on the GANC, but neither prevailed.