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GA News: Presbyterian Peace Fellowship breakfast welcomes Mubarak Awad and honors Peaceseekers

The Presbyterian Peace Fellowship honored four Peaceseekers at its breakfast on Wednesday morning at the General Assembly of the PCUSA. Anita David and Beth Pyles were awarded the 2007 Peaceseeker Award for their accompaniment work in Iraq.

Gary Cozette received the 2008 award for his work in Colombia. A surprise presentation of a 2008 Peaceseeker Award was givn to long-time peace breakfast coordinator Rev. Peggy Howland, who has been a trail blazer for peace evangelism at General Assemblies for many years.
            Mubarak Awad, Director of Nonviolence International and co-founder of the Palestinian Center for the Study of Non-violence, was the breakfast’s keynote speaker.  “I am a Christian Palestinian,” shared Awad, “and I believe strongly in non-violence because of my faith.”
            “We beg you, as Christians, not to take the side of the Palestinians,” urged Awad. “We don’t want you to be on our side—we want you to be on the side of peace.” Awad advised that if Presbyterians want to support anyone, to support Israeli peace groups who can lobby their own government to work toward peace.
            “We need action,” Awad stressed. “Action becomes an important part of our efforts in non-violent struggle.”