Austell Web site for GA info

Robert Austell, pastor of Good Shepherd Church in Charlotte, N.C., has set up a Web site called GA HELP — that he’s calling an “unofficial, one-stop help site” for the assembly.

“Commissioners are overwhelmed with information, long hours, new technology, and a barrage of voices seeking to be heard,” Austell wrote on the Web site. “The purpose of this site is to simplify and organize this whirlwind, pointing commissioners to resources, commentary (from all sides), and simpler paths to the information needed.”

Austell served as a commissioner at the last General Assembly, in San Jose in 2008.

On the site, Austell has provided links to information ranging from background on issues coming up at the assembly (gay marriage, the Belhar Confession, the proposed New Form of Government and more), as well as to news, commentary, and blogs about the assembly, from a range of perspectives.

And he’s written a four-part blog post on using Twitter — including “8 potential uses at GA”.

— Leslie Scanlon