GA 2010: Bills and Overtures Committee refers 12 commissioner’s resolutions to committees

MINNEAPOLIS — The Bills and Overtures Committee of the 219th General Assembly (2010) on July 4 referred 12 of 14 commissioner resolutions to committees.

            The committee declined two resolutions because they are about business already before the Assembly — one that sought disapproval of the recommendations by an administrative review of the Synod Boriquen in Puerto Rico, and one that asked the U.S. to transport aid to Gaza.         

            Of the resolutions accepted, four were referred to the Peacemaking and International Issues Committee:

• On the restoration of sustainable agriculture to Haiti

• On appealing for peace and reconciliation in Korea

• On assisting the Emmanuel Church of Tirana in planting churches and forming a new reformed denomination in Albania

• On restoration of democracy in Madagascar and Honduras.


            Three resolutions were referred to Social Justice Issues: the Promotion of Social Righteousness Committee:

• On ending violence with impunity against women and girls

• On renewing commitment to the use of inclusive and expansive language for God and the people of God

•  On usury.


            Two resolutions were referred to the General Assembly Procedures Committee:

• On theological diversity in General Assembly nominations

• On ministries honored at General Assemblies.


            The remaining resolutions and committees to which they were referred:

• On discontinuing payment for abortion as a covered benefit in the Board of Pensions Medical Benefits Plan – Board of Pensions, Foundation, Publishing Corporation Committee

• Regarding a call to stand with immigrant Presbyterians in their hour of need – Social Justice Issues: Exhibition of the Kingdom of Heaven to the World Committee

• On celebrating with our brothers and sisters in Christ in the Tzeltal Synod of the National Presbyterian Church of Mexico – Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations Committee