Lutheran World Federation agrees to dialogue with Roman Catholics and Mennonites

GENEVA (ENI) The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) Council have approved plans
for three-way talks that will include Lutherans, Roman Catholics, and

At a meeting in Geneva that ended June 14, recommendations were made for the
founding of a Trilateral Dialogue Commission comprised of four representatives each
from the LWF, theVatican’s Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity and the
Mennonite World Conference.

According to a news release, the Council asked General Secretary Martin
Junge, in consultation with member churches, to identify and propose names
of Lutheran members to the commission, taking into consideration gender and
regional representation as well as familiarity with the ecumenical partners
and the issues to be discussed. Junge was also asked to continue the process
of preparing for a Lutheran-Pentecostal International Commission and report
his progress at the next council meeting.

The council reaffirmed the strong commitment of the LWF to the work being
conducted by the Institute for Ecumenical Research in Strasbourg, France.

Other topics covered at the meeting included world service, international
affairs, human rights, communications, mission, development,
membership and finances.