Colombian bishops support anti-discrimination law

 Santa Fe de Bogota, Colombia (ENInews) Lutheran bishop Eduardo Martinez and Episcopal Anglican bishop Francisco Duque have applauded a law against sexual discrimination set to be signed by Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos, according to a news release from the Latin America and Caribbean Communication Agency.


According to the release, the bishops, speaking on Face the Country, a program on the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Colombia’s Internet radio station Punto 4 Radio, said once the law is signed, their priority will be making sure it becomes well-known.


They also warned it is necessary to be careful with fundamentalist readings of the Bible. “Nobody can be discriminated against, for any reason, much less because of issues of gender and sexuality,” they said.


Martinez and Duque don’t foresee difficulties with the application of the law within their congregations, noted the release, but they admitted some people may not be ready for an interpretation of the Gospel in which God speaks about love without limitations for all people.


The bishops have proposed a campaign to have the text of the law made known to churches, so any outbreak of discrimination may be readily dealt with.


Duque said it will be a relief for church members to be able to talk about their homosexuality without fear of problems. “It is Jesus’ teaching,” he said. “He did not refuse anybody, showing solidarity with the excluded, with the persecuted, with the oppressed, with the sad.”