A prayer for Paris and all those reeling from violence

How long, O Lord?
How long until we see in each other your image and respond with joy rather than fear?
How long until we understand the depth of your love for all of creation and allow that love to overflow into our every thought and action?
How long until religion unites instead of divides?
How long until we live out of your promised abundance rather than being anxious of scarcity?
How long until our urges to follow you in the ways of peace and justice and mercy and loving kindness are heeded instead of suppressed?

O, Lord, help us. Make of us salt and light. Make us courageous peacemakers. As we look for the helpers make us the helpers others look to for hope. Do not let us bow our heads in despair without then looking out into a hurting world and entering it to share the love of Christ Jesus our Lord.

Hear us as we pray for people all over the world who are the victims of violence, war, terror and hate.

May our shock and pain be turned into actions that help to heal.