The harvest of belonging

Gwendolyn Brooks writes, “We are each other’s harvest.” To be each other’s harvest requires us to also help each other in the planting, the cultivating, the weeding and the nurturing, adds Marcella Auld Glass.

Never alone

William E. W. Robinson explores how God often accompanies us in life through the presence of others.

Planting seeds

As the church he pastors approaches its bicentennial, Felipe N. Martínez thinks about ways to remember the past while focusing on the future.

Unrevealed until its season

"Seeds were sown by my ancestors and countless others so one day I would carry their spirit of grace and healing into prison. Intergenerational incarceration is a reality. So is intergenerational healing."

Just watch

Jeremy Wilhelmi reflects on encouraging his children to accept all forms of gender and sexuality. Sometimes, this means letting them experience the world without commentary, he writes.