What’s right with your church? Cabwaylingo Presbyterian Chapel

IMG_0570Cabwaylingo Presbyterian Chapel Dunlow, West Virginia

IMG_0641On a typical Sunday morning, 10 worshippers gather at the Cabwaylingo Presbyterian Chapel in rural, impoverished Dunlow, West Virginia. But their small number does not preclude them from accomplishing amazing things. Each year, the Chapel hosts more than 700 work camp participants from Kansas, Ohio, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
Each month, their food pantry helps nearly 1,000 people, and each week around 40 young people gather for the youth group. The Chapel recently started providing food for low-income students at the local elementary school — more than 90 percent of the students live in poverty — to take home over the weekend.

— Ed Bowen, parish associate for First Presbyterian Church of Huntington, West Virginia, and Cabwaylingo Presbyterian Chapel in Dunlow, West Virginia


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