GA222: Wednesday, June 22 recap

Belhar approved. The 222nd General Assembly made history by approving the addition of the Confession of Belhar from South Africa to the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)  Book of Confessions.

Photo by Ed Sackett
Photo by Ed Sackett

Directory for Worship. The General Assembly approved proposed revisions to the PC(USA)’s Directory for Worship (revisions which now go to the presbyteries for a vote), and also debated science, evolution and the definition of marriage in considering the work of the assembly’s Theological Issues and Institutions committee.

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Child protection policy. The General Assembly approved a child protection policy, and PC(USA) stated clerk Gradye Parsons apologized to a victim of child sexual abuse.

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Consent calendar. The General Assembly used a consent calendar to approve 56 items that had received strong support in committee – moving those items quickly by voice vote, thereby making more time for discussion on other significant matters.
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Minority report from Middle East Issues committee. Claiming that an action plan approved by the Middle East Issues committee contains wording that could be read as anti-Semitic, two members of the panel filed a minority report that calls for the proposal to be revised and brought back in two years.


Mid councils. The Mid Council committee voted to keep current synod boundaries and asked for the creation of resources for dependent care policies.

Sarah Lisherness, Director of Compassion, Peace, and Justice, explains the financial ramifications.

Gradye Parsons thanked. As Gradye Parsons prepares for retirement, many offered gratitude for his work as stated clerk.

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We are one in the spirit of late night amendments. Leon Bloder blogs about finding community in the midst of committee work.


Prayer warriors of GA. A team of volunteers are committing to praying for and with those doing the work of the assembly.

Eileen Parfrey and Jill Holseth

Peace breakfast. At a “peace breakfast” sponsored by the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship, an activist and Pentecostal minister fired up his audience with a sermon on the duty of compassion toward the oppressed.

Osagyefo Uhuru Sekou fired up his audience at the peace breakfast with what amounted to a rapid-fire sermon.

Ecumenical breakfast. Anti-apartheid activist Allan Boesak calls for not just adopting Belhar, but living it

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