GA222: Monday, June 20 daily recap

Youngest commissioner. 17-year-old Meg Wilson is ready to give voice to the future of the church.

Meg Wilson
Meg Wilson


Outpost blog. Connecting, belonging, calling. Leon Bloder reflects on his first day of General Assembly.



Model of civility. Two leaders on opposite sides of fossil fuel divestment model how to disagree in love.


Fossil fuel divestment. The Immigration and Environmental Issues committee debated the pros and cons of divesting from fossil fuel, and eventually recommended divestment.

Joseph Kinard (left) of MRTI speaks as an overture advocate for 09-09; Rob Fohr (right), staff person for MRTI listens.

Middle East. The General Assembly’s Middle East Issues committee voted to send to the assembly a measure that could strengthen the pressure the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is placing on Israel to honor Palestinians’ human rights.

Beverly Brewster, a member of the ACSWP team, said its work has been misunderstood.

Co-moderator blessings. The co-moderators of the 2016 General Assembly, Denise Anderson and Jan Edmiston, swung by The Way Forward committee June 20 to share some of their vision for the church – calling for a church that’s responsive, inclusive and prophetic.

 Denise Anderson (left) and Jan Edmiston (right), co-moderators of the 2016 General Assembly, meet June 20 with The Way Forward committee.

The Way Forward. The Way Forward committee at the 2016 General Assembly has begun to consider possibilities – not deciding what to do yet, but to get a sense of the range of ways to push for real change in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

A member of The Way Forward committee speaks during discussion June 20.

Nonviolent resistance. The Committee on Peacemaking and International Issues spent the morning in opening hearings on overtures dealing with nonviolent means and new peacemaking affirmations brought by the Advisory Committee on Social Witness Policy

 Erin Cech, YAAD from De Cristo Presbytery

World Refugee Day luncheon. After living for 20 years in a refugee camp, Som Nath Subedi, from Bhutan, seeks to help other refugees integrate into life in the U.S.

Som Nath Subedi

Mission budget. Mission Coordination committee deals with money matters impacting the work of the Presbyterian Mission Agency.

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 11.20.32 PM

Social witness. Social Justice committee digs into a huge agenda, addressing issues such as HIV/AIDS, voting rights and hardships and Puerto Rico.

Social Justice committee members vote their approval of overture on HIV-AIDS.