Social Justice committee issues statement of regret to LGBTQ/Q community


TI0A5008A nearly unanimous Social Justice committee has written and approved a statement of regret instead of apology to the LGBTQ/Q community.  After hours of discussion, amending and rewriting, the committee chose not to recommend for the plenary assembly’s approval the “apology overture” prepared by the Presbytery of New York City.

Instead, they wrote and approved a statement that “acknowledges that actions we and our members have taken over the years have at times led God’s beloved children who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning to feel that they stand outside the grace of God and are unwelcome in the PC(USA).  We deeply regret that, due to human failings any person might find cause to doubt being loved by God. We affirm the God-given dignity and worth of every human being, and renew our commitment to ‘welcome one another, as Christ has welcomed [us], for the glory of God.’ [Romans 15:7]”

The statement expresses the “deep sorrow of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) about all individuals and congregations who have left our fellowship, affirms our commitment to continue to pray with them and acknowledges our sincere appreciation for those who have maintained relationship despite profound disagreement.”