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2018 GA bulletin inserts

What happened at the 223rd General Assembly? Post-GA bulletin inserts

What will they hear? Who will tell them?

Give your church members a fast, accurate and fair account of what happened at the General Assembly.  We explain how the assembly voted on the most significant issues – from new denominational leadership to the world’s concerns.

You can provide them with a summary of the news in a bulletin insert the day the assembly adjourns prepared by the award-winning Presbyterian Outlook news team.

Post-GA bulletin inserts will be available for download on the afternoon of Saturday, June 23 – the day the assembly closes.

Order Post-GA bulletin inserts:
Congregations less than 250 = $20
Congregations with membership of 250 or more = $30

Presbyteries are invited to order for all of their congregations for 1 cent per member. Call George Whipple to order: (800) 446-6008 ext. 756

Bulletins come in regular and large print versions. Color and black-and-white options will be provided.  Korean and Spanish translations are available upon request.