What’s right about First Presbyterian Church of Waco?

First Presbyterian Church —  Waco, Texas

Kicking off our 2020 adult education year, our Weaving Science and Faith class led a large gathering called “Matters of life and death.” Over four weeks, we discussed the Western medical model and its commitment to survival of the individual that sometimes competes with quality of life. A ruling elder and family physician led this examination. In the second week, we considered the theology of the healing stories of Jesus through the social and anthropological lens of the ancient world. We highlighted the distinctions from the Western medical model. The last two weeks of the class allowed for facilitated discussion among the participants about issues of mortality and death for their loved ones. Some individuals even talked about what death and quality of life meant for themselves. The weekly gathering of about 55 people culminated in energetic brainstorming about how to better make aging and dying an appropriately communal process for members of First Presbyterian and their loved ones. A small group is considering next steps for our program and ministry.

– Leslie King

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