Prayer for the 2020 school year


Lord, we know you hold the future and walk with us even now on this unpredictable path of the pandemic. We trust you work through the most difficult of seasons and never abandon us to navigate life’s challenges alone.

As we look to a new school year, we worry about the ongoing impact of COVID-19. It seems to be a time of no right answers, no clear good choices and no comprehensive way for parents, educators and administrators to meet the pressing needs of students, teachers, staff and families. We do not want children to fall further behind in their learning. We do not want to put caregivers in the position of choosing between going to work or tending to their children. We do not want to endanger the health of any in our community. Already stretched resources are pushed to the limit as we attempt to reduce class sizes, expand the ways content is delivered and seek to enact needed safety precautions.

We look to you, Lord, to take, bless and multiply our efforts to educate and nurture your children. We look to you, Lord, who gives us the peace that passes understanding, hears the cries of the hurting and promises that small amounts of faith can precipitate large, life-giving change. We look to you, loving God, for wisdom, for courage, for inspiration, for creativity.

As we make difficult decisions in an unprecedented time, grant us an unshakable commitment to one another, especially to the most vulnerable among us. Send your Spirit to open our eyes to the new thing you are doing. Send your Spirit to open our ears to the voices we need most to hear. Send your Spirit to open our hearts to the profound love you have for us all so that everything we do in this time of fear, anxiety and uncertainty reveals your compassion, kindness and grace. Send your Spirit to comfort and direct us as we humbly look to you for guidance and strength. Amen.