What’s right about Carter-Westminster United Presbyterian Church?

Carter-Westminster United Presbyterian Church — Skokie, Illinois

I am a totally blind individual from birth — no color and no light perception. With immense pride I would like to share that I feel wanted, needed and loved – and no longer socially isolated – due to the support of my church family. I am part of the alto section in the chancel choir under the leadership of music director Pat Radosavljevic. Whenever needed, church pianist George Radosavljevic leads me to the piano to play a prelude or postlude. Frequently, Lindsay Mecher, alto section leader, comes to my home to help with memorizing hymns and rehearsing music. Pastor Kenneth Hockenberry encourages me to read in Braille Scripture passages for special celebrations. After every Sunday worship service, he makes sure to exchange a few words with me while shaking my hand.

My church family feels proud of me as an open water swimmer in Lake Michigan, and as a Suzuki piano teacher for sighted and blind children.

From the depth of my heart, I pray that Carter-Westminster serves as an inspirational model for Presbyterian church families nationwide. Let’s give “disabled” church members a chance to contribute each in their own unique way!

— F. Heidi Musser

* please note: This piece and accompanying images were submitted pre-pandemic.

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