A prayer for the inauguration and beyond         

Eternal God, grant us your guidance.  Protect the president, vice president and all members of Congress. Empower us to serve the common good.  Surround us with a vision that renounces violence and honors others’ needs.

We pray for our neighbors.  Remember and heal the overlooked and injured.  Comfort the families of those dead at the Capitol, patients who have succumbed to COVID-19 and loved ones lost to racism. Comfort those who have lost friends, jobs or hope.  Enable us to reject the ways we cling to self-centered position and power.

Grant us courage.  Give us strength to work together as one nation.  Prod us to surrender any privilege that whispers we are better than others.  Inspire us at every step to use our best gifts to make our country a place of liberty and justice for all. Amen.

Glen Bell is a Presbyterian pastor living in Louisville, Kentucky.