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In You, God, We Have Put Our Trust

At the onset of the Russian invasion, Ukraine’s Chief Rabbi, Yaakov Dov Bleich, urged not only Jews but the nation’s Christians — the dominant Ukrainian Orthodox, our Reformed spiritual cousins as well as Lutherans, Roman Catholics, and other minorities — to sing Psalm 31 set to a familiar Orthodox chant in their houses of worship and ecumenical & interfaith gatherings. The nation’s Jews and Christians continue now to sing this in their streets, homes, and fields as they frantically try to stop the invader.

I have set my own paraphrase of Psalm 31 to the tune “Vater Unser.” The tune can be found as #590 in The Presbyterian Hymnal (1990). It’s in a powerful minor key, so it is fitting for a lament such as this psalm. For many centuries Christians, especially those in Germany, have sung this tune for their paraphrase of the Lord’s Prayer.

Thanks and blessings to you & yours in this holy time of year & always.

Dwyn Mounger, Minister of Word and Sacrament (H.R.), Knoxville, Tennesse

You can view and download “In You, God, We Have Put Our Trust” here:_InYou,God_.

Permission is given for free use of this hymn, including in online worship services with credit given to Dwyn Mounger. If used, please let Dwyn know the date & time: