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A prayerful pause: when community organizing is frustrating

The screams of hate against refugees, undocumented peoples, and children fuel a fire within me,
I embrace the fire and release the hate.
The uneducated, fearful shouts that spew misinformation in the atmosphere clogs my airways.
I breathe out the plaque of ignorance and breathe in the openness to the world.
The political signs that tell me I’m not welcome without using words cut to my core,
But my center is on God and the core cannot be shaken.
The flag representing exclusion of my Black brothers and sisters and siblings angers me,
But I will not be consumed by the images.
The gaslighting will not light my path,
But will become fuel for me to search for truth.
The interruptions that censor good people’s words in the world cloud my head,
But it does not last because God is still speaking.